The Ivo Miele Shipping Agency at the Port of Piombino was founded by Ivo Miele in 1946 and started operations as a Shipping and Forwarding Agency. As a result of the experience and professional competence acquired through his work, Ivo Miele not only developed the agency, but, recognizing the importance of the future evolution of the ever-growing, ever more innovative and international production systems, he developed a tracking model that would enable to follow step by step the transport of goods. His daughters, Elda and Laura, the present managers of Mixos Miele Servizi Marittimi S.r.l., founded in 1994, have perpetuated Ivo Miele's plans and objectives with his same motivation and enthusiasm. Mixos, which started by specializing in Dry/Bulk Cargoes principally directed at the iron and steel and bulk markets, has increased its range of services and is, today, in a position to cater to all categories of goods both for import and for export. Strengthened by the experience gained at the Port of Piombino, a Mixos office has been opened also at the Port of Trieste. By merit of a network of carefully selected agents, Mixos is also present in the main ports both throughout Italy and abroad. Hard work and constant application have borne fruit and now Mixos can offer its clients a "door to door" service, from the starting-point of the goods to their final destination. Because of their professionalism founded on experience, the dynamism shown by their making use of new computer technology and their operational capacity based on an integrated logistics chain that accompanies all stages of transport, Mixos obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of Quality in the year 2000.

MIXOS, Miele servizi marittimi • P.le Premuda, 2/A 2/N Piombino (LI) • P.IVA 01121620494