The Forwarding Department symbolizes the company’s constant, continuous commitment. Mixos Miele Servizi Marittimi operates in both the National and International freight sectors and is involved in organizing integrated logistics by all means of transport available at international level. Mixos has a highly qualified forwarding department that works closely with the operations/Agency department in order to resolve problems related to the importation and exportation of goods. Our forwarders are able to:
  • Carry out customs operations for goods being imported and exported;
  • Carry out temporary import operations and re-export operations, temporary export operations and re-import operations;
  • Provide assistance to clients for problems related to the classification of goods for customs purposes, import and export prohibition and requests for ministerial licenses and permits;
  • Offer consultancy regarding customs matters, VAT and foreign trade;
  • Handle periodical accounts and deferred accounts for third party;
  • Process data and present INTRASTAT forms to customs;
  • Organize transport by sea, truck and air.
Covered warehouses and goods storage areas are also available at the Port through Mixos correspondents so that clients can be offered a complete range of additional freight services.





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