The Mixos Shipping Agency boasts lengthy experience and continuous application in this sector.The Company was born and brought up on the sea, consequently this sector is considered vocational and is worthy of the utmost attention. The business has evolved rapidly, reaching high standards of quality and Mixos works today with key leading ship-owner groups and can guarantee efficient and innovative integrated logistics services on both land and sea. All operations are followed constantly 24 hours a day by experienced, qualified staff who provide full assistance to ships and crew, coordinating all the loading and unloading operations between ships and the ‘Stevedore’s Company’ / Shippers / Receivers, with maximum support in the operational cycle in order to reduce loss of time and consequently costs. Constant development in structural terms, continuous care of the client, investments in technology and human resources, synergy with a selected network of agents in major Italian and foreign ports, professionalism based on experience, reliability proven by the certifications obtained: these are the principal elements of success that have allowed Mixos to be, and to always have been, capable of reacting ahead of demand in a selective market that is constantly growing.


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